A different kind of sober living.

We provide full-service sober living houses, with a 12-step centered approach, for men and women in recovery.

Why Up & Out Sober Living?

At Up & Out Sober Living, we know people can and do recover from their dependence to alcohol and drugs. It has been our experience that individuals who are placed in a safe and structured environment, benefit from enhanced opportunities for recovery. We assist residents in achieving their long-term recovery goals by guiding them to the necessary resources in the community. The person has to trust the process of 12 step recovery. We are here to offer a loving, clean, spiritual environment; specifically designed to assist those individuals with the sincere desire to overcome the pain and suffering caused by active addiction.

Structure & Stability

We provide a safe, clean, loving, structured, living environment for individuals who are looking to overcome their dependency to drugs & alcohol


We assist with job placement. We have great relationships with employers in the community that are willing to give second chances.

Case Management

We help identify barriers that may be blocking the resident from reaching their recovery goals. This includes but is not limited to: Intake, Needs Assessment

Health & Wellness

We offer our residents free gym memberships. We believe in a holistic approach to our overall well-being. A holistic approach means to provide support that looks at the whole person.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting
Each resident is required to fill out our goal sheet upon entry. This helps the resident commit to a long-term and a short term goal.

Justice System

We have a great relationship with the criminal justice systems. Judges, lawyers and prosecutors are familiar with our program and work with us.

Resident Application

I am a(n)

Privacy Practices and Authorizations

Working with Up & Out Is Super Easy

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Settle into your new safe home

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a safe, support environment that empowers our residents to grow and reach their highest potential. We promote self-efficacy and offer access to resources where they can gain the tools needed to achieve freedom from active addiction. We believe in fresh starts and second chances. We will be a source of support through their journey of recovery.

Recovery Is Possible

Stories of Hope

Up & Out Sober Living is proud of our residents who accepted the gift of recovery and rebuilt their lives with strength, perseverance and inspiration. They share their personal stories to inspire others to know that recovery is possible.

Ways to Give Back

The Up & Out Foundation

The Up & Out Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to educate the public about the disease of addiction, the consequences of untreated addiction, and the process of recovery. Those involved with the foundation are actively involved in the community to dispel the myths and reduce the stigma associated with addiction by sharing stories and celebrating the success of recovery.

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Only Sober House LIving in Frederick, MD with MDRN funding

Your Pledge

I will not use or be in possession of drugs and/or alcohol
I will comply with house manager
I will not incur any new criminal charges
I will not give false statements on application
I will provide urinalysis upon request
I will not make any verbal or physical acts of violence or threats
I will not be possession of weapons
I will be accountable for my time off premises