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Korey graduated from the Frederick County Drug Court Program in 2008. Since then he has dedicated his life to giving back and helping others who struggle with addiction as he once did himself. With 16 years of sobriety, Korey continues to share his journey with the recovery community through several efforts including, but not limited to being an integral part of the Heroin Strategic Planning committee with the Frederick City Police and the Frederick County Health Department and serving on the Frederick County Substance Abuse Council, in which he has served two 3-year terms on. He is also the Founder of the Up & Out Foundation, a local non-profit that helps raise awareness through outreach.

Korey has been recognized on numerous occasions for his work in the community. In 2018, he was most recently given the Touching Lives in Frederick County Award by the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce & the Frederick Nonprofit Alliance. In 2016 he was given the Second Chance DoGood-er Award. Additionally, in 2012 Korey received special recognition certificates from Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin for his involvement with the Frederick County Youthful Offenders Program. In 2010, he was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award. In 2009 he was awarded the Special Appreciation Award from the State’s Attorney Office for his work with the Youthful Offenders Program.

Outside of his work in the recovery community, he has also dedicated his professional life to helping others recover and showing them that there is a way up and out. In 2011, he began working at Mountain Manor Treatment Center.  He went on to get his CSC-AD from the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors and became an addiction counselor helping with family education groups. In 2012, he became Recovery Coach Certified by the Frederick County Health Department, and in 2015, he completed the addictions program at Frederick Community College and went on the get his Alcohol & Drug Trainee Status with the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists. In 2019 he received his Medication Technician Certification from the Maryland Board of Nursing, and in 2020, he received his Associate Degree in Human Services from Frederick Community College. He is now pursuing  his Bachelors Degree in Forensic Psychology at SNHU. Both his experience and education have afforded him the opportunity to work at the Frederick County Health Department as a Community Health Outreach Worker in the Parole & Probation office. He established the Maryland Drug Expert, where he serves as an expert witness for Post Conviction, Parental Defense, Criminal Defense and Juvenile Defense cases. Korey finds great satisfaction in his daily work as well as his community involvement and is honored to be in a position to provide sober living for men and women that enhances their recovery journey.

Certified Level 2 Recovery Residence
through the State of Maryland

“Up & Out Sober Living is a certified level 2 recovery residence through the state of Maryland. What that means is A “recovery residence” means a service that provides alcohol-free and illicit drug-free housing to individuals with substance-related disorders or addictive disorders or co-occurring mental health and substance-related disorders or addictive disorders.

Under House Bill 1411, titled “Health – Recovery Residences – Certification” which was enacted under Article II 17 (c) of the Maryland Constitution on May 28, 2016 and became effective on October 1, 2016, the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) was required to approve a credentialing entity to develop and administer a certification process for recovery residences. Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) was approved by the Department to serve as the designated credentialing entity.”

“Up & Out Sober Living is MDRN approved. Maryland RecoveryNet develops partnerships with service providers statewide and funds access to clinical and recovery support services for individuals with substance use/co-occurring disorders treatment and recovery support needs. All Maryland RecoveryNet service recipients receive Care Coordination through which they can access a menu of services which includes state funding for Halfway House and Recovery Housing, Transportation, Employment Services, Vital Records, Medical and Dental Services, and other unmet needs as expressed by the service recipient and/or as identified by the Care Coordinator. All services are designed to assist recipients in remaining engaged in their recovery while promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and stability”

Our motto at Up & Out Sober Living

AN ADDICT FELL IN A HOLE and couldn’t get out. A businessman went by and the addict called out for help. The businessman threw him some money and told him to buy himself a ladder. But the addict could not buy a ladder in this hole he was in. A doctor walked by. The addict said, “Help! I can’t get out!” The doctor gave him some drugs and said, “Take this. It will relieve the pain.” The addict said thanks, but when the pills ran out, he was still in the hole. A well-known psychiatrist rode by and heard the addict’s cries for help. He stopped and asked, ” How did you get there? Were you born there? Did your parents put you there? Tell me about yourself, it will alleviate your sense of loneliness.” So the addict talked with him for an hour, then the psychiatrist had to leave, but he said he’d be back next week. The addict thanked him, but he was still in the hole. A priest came by. The addict called for help. The priest gave him a Bible and said, “I’ll say a prayer for you.” He got down on his knees and prayed for the addict, then he left. The addict was very grateful, he read the Bible, but he was still stuck in the hole. A recovering addict happened to be passing by. The addict cried out, “Hey, help me. I’m stuck in this hole!” Right away the recovering addict jumped down in the hole with him. The addict said, “What are you doing? Now we’re both stuck here!!” But the recovering addict said, “Calm down. It’s okay. I’ve been here before. I know how to get out.” – Anonymous